Functional Scenarios

Below is a series of functional scenarios which display flow and processing of files. These reference architectures show both assisted and unassisted data processing.

Assisted file processing via FTP / SFTP / FTPS

File processing from a transmitter that sends files to ITAC SecureFile® Server through a FTP / SFTP / FTPS connection for files to be published on the web portal so that the server registered users can download them. In the same way, ITAC SecureFile® Server will route the files to the recipient and generate traceability of data processing.




Assisted file processing via HTTPS

File processing from a transmitter that has ITAC SecureFile® Agent, installed which is run by the system user to encrypt data and upload it through a browser to the ITAC SecureFile® Server portal. By a similar process server registered users can access the download portal and download the files that are available to each user.




Unassisted file  processing via FTP / SFTP / FTPS

The following scenario shows an automatic exchange of data from source to destination (unassisted data processing). Where encryption and/or decryption and file transmission is performed via FTP / FTPS / SFFTP, which ITAC SecureFile® Agent runs at a specified time, a repository monitored or run by a command line of a given application is activated before the arrival of files.



Processing with external FileServer

The following scenario shows exchange of data from source to destination, where the transmitter sends the encrypted files to a different FileServer that can be FTP / FTPS or SFTP. Subsequently, the receiver takes files from the FileServer and monitors them for transmission and decryption. The operations performed by the transmitter and the receiver can be run in both assisted and unassisted manner. To ensure centralized control the ITAC SecureFile® Server is notified of the operations performed.









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