The government sector firms face the challenge to maximize their IT infrastructure without sacrificing the security of sensitive information they handle, because they must strictly comply with laws and regulations, national and international, related with to the handling given to this information. For this sector is fundamental to acquire solutions that are easily scalable, in order to work with the growing volume of data and can extend these solutions to multiple business units.

ITAC SecureFile® MFT is an easily scalable solution that provides to government institutions efficiency in compliance with laws and regulations for data protection, such as HIPPA and PCI DSS. This solution also provides the strongest protection for the sensitive information, through robust file encryption and decreases risk of fraud and information leakage, because reduces the human contact with files.

In addition, ITAC SecureFile® MFT automates file transfer, generating savings in time and effort to public institutions, allowing them centralized and organized management of the secure file transfer process, also generating cost reductions associated to implementation and maintenance. This means a reduced operational burden related with file monitoring and control, along with a better visibility of data transfer in the organization, thanks to their functionalities of detailed audit of actions and management of policies for upload and download of files.







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