Companies, of all sizes and industries, have a need to exchange information between their offices, clients and business partners and file transfer is one of the most common ways for the exchange of this information.

The manual file manipulation, from collaborators inside the organization, involves a direct risk over the confidentiality and integrity of the information transported, also generates process manual errors.

As the amount of sensitive information exchange increased, inside and outside , is prevalent to have efficient and secure mechanisms for the transfer. This need has led to the evolution of the Managed File Transfer Solutions (MFT).

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ITAC SecureFile® MFT is a complete Secure Managed File Transfer Suite composed by several components:




Secure file exchange process management

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Secure endpoint and
server transmission

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Reverse proxy for DMZ file transfer request from trading partners and customers

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ITAC SecureFile® MFT is a Secure Managed File Transfer solution that enables to automate and secure file transfer processes through the use of encryption and transport standards, without altering the applications that generate or receive these files. 

Supports multiple file transfer protocols.

Securely transfering files over public and private networks using encrypted file transfer protocols.

Securely store files using multiple data encryption methods.

Automate file transfer processes between trading partners and exchanges including detection and handling of failed file transfers.

Authenticate users against existing user repositories such as LDAP and Active Directory

Integrate to existing applications using documented API

Generate detailed reports on user and file transfer activity.

ITAC SecureFile® MFT will streamline and automate file transfers with trading partners, customers, employees and internal servers. It provides a high level of control throughout the organization, as well as detailed audit logs for meeting strict security policies and compliance requirements including PCI, HIPAA, and state privacy laws. 


Greater security over traditional FTP in terms of authentication, encryption and traceability.

 Government and data protection regulations (HIPPA, PCI, and others) compliance.

Protection of confidential information via robust file encryption.

Mitigation of operational risks due to fraud and information leakage by reducing human contact with sensitive files.



Automated and centralized management of secure file transfer which reduces associated implementation and support costs.

 Centralized management for the enterprise encryption system: All encryption standards in one single solution.

Automate file transfer processes between trading partners and customers, including detection and handling of failed file transfers.


Certificate and Encryption Key Management:

 Reduced workload in the OpenPGP keys and X.509 certificates management process.

 Decreased costs and risks associated with unforeseen loss of service due to expiration of certificates and encryption keys.







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